AgeDEFY Online

July 16th – August 14th, 2018


Move young to live young … Defy age through movement therapy and (qi)FLOW workouts.


AgeDEFY is the perfect program to get started again!


If you’ve lost your spark and don’t know how to get going again, this program for you!


AgeDEFY Movement Therapy is a 4-week online movement program focused on lymphatic health, joint mobility, spinal fluidity, stability conditioning, strength training, flexibility and movement wisdom to heal and transform the body back to its youthful self.


If you feel older than your age, this is the 4-weeks you need to start to feel alive again!


-Five 20-40 minute workouts/therapy sessions per week

-BodyKnowledge 101: Mind/Body Education


-Motivation, accountability, and support to keep you motivated and energized for the entire 30 days!



AgeDEFY is not a weight loss program, it’s movement therapy and it’s designed to get you moving again!
What to expect in the daily workouts/therapy sessions:

-Lymphatic Massage for lymphatic health and vitality

-Intrinsic footwork to strengthen and connect with your feet

-Movement Therapy to prepare the body for movement

-FLOWMOTION Body Weight Workouts

-MobilityFLOW a PVC pipe workout for enhanced mobility and flexibility

-BodyAbility for strength and stability


What you need to participate in AgeDEFY Online: 

Facebook Account

PVC pipe or broom handle

Pair of 8-lb weights

Yoga Mat

Yoga Blocks (2)

TheraBands (2)


Live Your Life and Forget Your Age … Sign up Today!


Here are the details: 

AgeDEFY Online

July 16th – August 14th, 2018

Investment: $125/person

Five AgeDEFY Movement Therapy workouts each week, daily motivation, support, accountability, BodyKnowledge 101 posts, LIVE group sessions, and so much more!

Get your life back and learn to move!

AgeDEFY … Move Young to Live Young!

I can’t wait to work with you!

AgeDEFY a 30-day online Movement Therapy program designed to make you feel better!