New Member Intro Offer


First Class Free

New Member QiFlow 5 Pack for $50

New Member (qi)FLOW Sampler Package … 10 (qi)FLOW classes for $125


QiFlow Monthly

The QiFlow Monthly memberships auto-renews every month on the same date.

QiFlow Unlimited $99



QiFlow Prepaid Memberships 

QiFlow30: $125

QiFlow90: $275

QiFlow180: $500


QiFlow Community Membership

The QiFlow Community Membership is for DPS School Teachers and Staff and for everyone who lives and works in the Clayton/Cole Neighborhoods. Proof of employment and/or residency is required. 

QiFlow Community Unlimited for $89 per month or $225 for 90 Days


Class Packages

QiFlow 5 Pack: $90

 QiFlow 10 pack: $165

 QiFlow Drop In $20

 QiFlow Visitors Pass: $60 for 7 Days 


*The QiFlow Unlimited memberships include unlimited classes at QiFlow.
*The QiFlow Monthly memberships require a 30-day notice to cancel.
*To purchase a QiFlow Monthly Membership, go to retail and choose Contracts.
*To cancel a QiFlow monthly membership, send email to with a 30-day notice. 
*Prepaid memberships include unlimited classes for 30, 90, 180 days. No refunds. No Extensions.
*All QiFlow Class Packages Expire after 6 months with the exception of the QiFlow 5 Pack Intro Offer. 
*The Intro Offer 5 pack expires 4 weeks after purchase.
*After purchasing the QiFlow Community Membership, send an email to to let us know your community qualifications. 
*To purchase a QiFlow MyZone Strap for $125, contact us at 



*The (qi)FLOW Sampler Package is a one time offer that introduces the new member to the (qi)FLOW movement method of WuWei.

The movement method of WuWei in the (qi)FLOW specialty classes includes movement therapy, MobilityFLOW, FLOWMOTION, yoga-inspired choreography, and BodyAbility. WuWei is the process of moving effortlessly, with the FLOW, without force, creating shapes instead of poses to strengthen the body through stabilization training and dynamic motion.

The (qi)FLOW Intro Offer includes the (qi)FLOW specialty classes of QiFlow.

The specialty classes of QiFlow are unique to QiFlow and can’t be found anywhere but QiFlow. These classes include (qi)FLOW with Dawnelle, SculptFLOW, CycleFLOW, and (qi)FLOW26.