“Qi (chi) is the vital energy that powers all life on the most fundamental level.” 


New Movement New Results


One studio, 40+ classes per week, offering CYCLE, YOGA, FLOW, and HIIT classes. 



QiFlow started in 2006 as Denver’s first Cycle + Yoga studio offering athletes a chance to become yogis and yogis a chance to become athletes by putting the two classes together in one fusion workout experience: 30 minutes of cycle followed by 30 minutes of yoga. The QiFlow cycle program is unique and powerful; you can expect to ride hard and fast, slow and steep, low and strong. We use music as the terrain and we’re not afraid to squat, jump, or sprint on our bikes. We offer cycle fusion classes such as Cycle + YOGA, Cycle + HIIT, Cycle + CORE, and Cycle45! There is nothing better than fusion classes at QiFlow!   


QiYoga is designed to move the body dynamically by combining the movement philosophy of vinyasa yoga with the yogic traditions of asana, pranayama, and meditation. We do not encompass one style of yoga, instead, we allow our teachers to teach from the yoga space they are in on a day to day basis. We have teachers who are more traditional that like to teach a slower, more meditative style of yoga, and teachers who like to try new things and keep it a little weird. No matter what you’re looking for in a yoga practice, you’ll find it at QiFlow. 


The signature movement method of QiFlow is designed to create strong movers through our philosophy of Wu Wei, meaning Effortless Action and Beauty in Motion. The 5 Elements of (qi)FLOW are BodyKnowledge, FLOWMOTION,
FLOW Choreography, MobilityFLOW, and BodyAbility. (qi)FLOW is not yoga. (qi)FLOW can’t be defined or described, you truly need to experience it to understand it. Expect to move weird, sweat, stretch, and have fun! (qi)FLOW is the perfect program to try if you’re burned out on your current yoga and fitness regime. 


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the most popular form of strength and agility training around. It’s used widely in boot camps and CrossFit, and it’s the most explosive kind of workout you can do! The HIIT classes at QiFlow are designed to make you a stronger, better, faster mover and will help to take your FLOW game to the next level.