Happy kids make happy parents which is why, at QiFlow we are targeting families with children age 7-12 for our Boxing and Yoga workshop which starts in October. Confidence and strength are both traits that can’t be taught but rather must be learned which is why this is such a fantastic opportunity to give your child. The best part is that while your child is in class, you can take one as well. We have switched the Tuesday and Thursday class times from 4:30 to 4pm to accommodate the workshop. Now the whole family can move together and go home feeling happy and relaxed after a great afternoon spent at QiFlow.

What else is going on this week besides class times changing on Tuesday and Thursday to 4pm? StepFlow with Amy on Saturday’s will switch to 8:30am starting the 23rd and it will now be a 45 minute class. This allows you to double up and take Dawnelle’s FLOW class which will move to 9:30am. Julie will be bringing back her signature QiYoga and Oils class on Sundays at 5pm starting the 24th. What is yoga and oils? Julie will be combining her passion for essential oils by not only diffusing yummy scents for you to enjoy as you practice, but also passing on her knowledge of what oils are best suited for the seasons. If you are new to oils and want to learn more about how they can impact your life, this class is perfect for you!

You may have noticed a new board when you walked in the front door of the studio. This is where we’ll be listing all future workshops and events as well as pertinent information to make your time at the studio as enjoyable as possible. Arrived early and want to get some work done? You’ll find the guest wifi password up on the “Welcome to our Studio” sheet on the board! Our showers are also ready for your use and we have everything you need from soap to shampoo….just bring a towel and wash the day away!

We look forward to updating you each week on “What’s hot” at the studio. Check back on this blog to stay in the know. Wu Wei!