The best cure for the Winter blues is to move!

It’s a proven fact that no one goes untouched by feeling overly tired, addicted to carbohydrates, anxiety, boredom, low energy, headaches, and irritability during the Winter months. It’s also a proven fact that exercise is the best cure for the Winter blues and all the symptoms that come along with the coldest and darkest months of the year.

If you’re not able to work off the Winter blues in the mountains on a pair of skis or snowboard, then you need the QiFlow Winter Fitness Challenge!

We believe movement is medicine and we truly believe that movement + community is the cure for all things Winter!

The QiFlow Winter Fitness Challenge is 10 classes in 30 days for $125!

Take the challenge to work off the sluggishness of Winter … Move to feel alive! Move to be inspired! Move to simply feel better, sleep better, adult better, move better and do everything better!

Movement is Medicine … Let us prove it to you! Sign up for the QiFlow Winter Fitness Challenge … 10 class in 30 days for $125!

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*The QiFlow Challenge sales end on the first day of Spring.

*All participants need to purchase a 10 class punch card for $125 and will need to finish all 10 classes in 30 days to be eligible for an end of Winter drawing.

*Participants can enter the challenge no more than 4 times. If you do 10 classes in 2 weeks you will be entered into the final drawing and you’ll still have more time to get in another challenge. The more classes you do the better your chance of winning something awesome!

*We will announce the final prize on February 15th. Sign up for the challenge today and get started on your classes asap!

The sooner you sign up the better you’re going to feel! Today is the day!

New Movement New Results only at QiFlow!