LEARN to YOGA Workshop with Alba Avella 

A 4-week “LEARN to YOGA” workshop with Alba is for anyone who is new to yoga, lost in yoga, or for anyone who wishes to return to the basics as a way to expand their yoga practice and to make it a practice that heals and nourishes the body and energizes the mind.
This workshop meets Tuesdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 12pm for 4-weeks starting March 6th.
Cost: $89
*To purchase the entire 8 class workshop series for only $89, sign up for the class and when prompted to pay choose Learn to Yoga at checkout. This will give you access to all 8 classes for $89, a savings of $71 when bought as a package.
*To purchase one class at a time, choose the QiFlow drop in option at checkout.
*LEARN to YOGA is included in the following QiFlow memberships: Auto-renew, month-to-month and VIP memberships such as QiFlow30, QiFlow90, QiFlow180, and QiFlow365.
*If you do not have one of the memberships listed above the cost of the workshop is $89 or $20/class drop in rate.